Outcome Based Education

26 – 28 March, 2018

Good teachers want good learning to occur as a result of their teaching.  Good learning means, besides recalling information, acquiring the ability of problem solving, and critical and creative thinking. Students learn well when

  • they are provided information about the course outcomes (what the students should be able to do at the end of the course), their responsibilities, and the criteria used to evaluate their performance
  • the assessment is in alignment with the stated outcomes
  • instructional activities are designed and conducted to facilitate them to acquire the stated outcomes and they are actively engaged and challenged at the right level

A course in an engineering program in India needs to be designed and conducted to facilitate the students to meet the identified Course Outcomes to address a subset of Program Outcomes of NBA and Program Specific Outcomes identified by the Department. The three-day workshop aims at facilitating the participating faculty members to write Program Specific Outcomes, and Course Outcomes of identified courses.