National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning

The concept of multimedia based courses with high potential of interactivity has become a popular and a viable option for both the developed and the developing nations, though for differentreasons. Offering multimedia courses in technology-assisted modes has not only become invaluable for the learner, but also an attractive and creative option for faculty. Such courses have the potential to enhance the on-and off-campus learning experience for students and in a distance learning mode. Technology opens up several interesting avenues for innovation in design and delivery of courses as also for sharing expertise among faculty in different parts of the world. In India, where a large number of private institutions have entered the field of engineering education with inadequate faculty support and training, the project is aimed at providing a standard for academic content for both the teacher and the student.

Many of the courses, especially basic core courses in science and engineering are similar across the IITs and to a lesser extent across many institutions in the country. Most institutions offer programme in traditional branches of engineering with a large number of similar courses forming a substantial part of the undergraduate curriculum. There is clearly a lot of advantage in sharing the development work in these courses. The NPTEL initiative in this regard is to help institutions all over the 3country to substantially increase the number and quality of the engineering graduates