Design of Photovoltaic Systems30 hours

This course is a design oriented course aimed at photovoltaic system design. The course begins by discussing about the PV cell electrical characteristics and interconnections. Estimation of insolation and PV sizing is addressed in some detail. Maximum power point tracking and circuits related to it are discussed. Later, applications related to peltier refrigeration, water pumping, grid connection and micro grids are discussed in detail. Lastly a brief discussion on life cycle costing is also discussed in order to bring in a measure of completeness to the course.


A historical perspective, PV cell characteristics and equivalent circuit, Model of PV cell, Short Circuit, Open Circuit and peak power parameters, Datasheet study, Cell efficiency, Effect of temperature, Temperature effect calculation example, Fill factor, PV cell simulation


Identical cells in series, Load line, Non-identical cells in series, Protecting cells in series, Interconnecting modules in series, Simulation of cells in series, Identical cells in parallel, Non-identical cells in parallel, Protecting cells in parallel, Interconnecting modules in parallel, Simulation of cells in parallel, Measuring I-V characteristics, PV source emulation

L. Umanand

L. Umanand is a faculty at the Department of Electronics System Engineering (DESE) of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has been teaching, guiding and consulting in power electronic converters for more than two decades. His area of research are in power conversion, renewable energy systems and modelling.